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The story about little bird

crossing the river

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The story about little bird

crossing the river

My Little Storybook 🪶 is a Lusion Monthly Experiment. It is a story of a bird family crossing the river. We wanted to try stylized nature. With the concept inspired by Japanese anime we created this storytelling. We hope you like it.

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crafted by

Edan Kwan [exp design and dev]

Ffion Morgan [exp voice]

Pauline Stichelbaut [exp 3d & ui design] at Lusion.


Lusion Monthly Experiment is an internal monthly challenge for the team at Lusion. Two or more creatives will team up every month and come up with an idea for their experiment. The experiments are not expected to be a fully completed master piece as each team member can spend no longer than 2 hours per day on their experiment, which makes it more challenging and fun.